Nintendo Switch December 2023 Upcoming Games EXPOSED! 🚀 Unveil the Hottest Releases Now! 🔥

Nintendo Switch December 2023 Upcoming Games EXPOSED! 🚀 Unveil the Hottest Upcoming Releases Now! 🔥

Get ready for a powerful December, as a lineup of highly awaited Nintendo Switch games (best new games) is about to make its mark! Let’s delve into a detailed glimpse of the upcoming gaming spectacle check the list and let us know your favorite.

Nintendo Switch December 2023 Upcoming Games

1-Batman: Arkham Trilogy –

December 1 Embark on a journey into the shadowed realm of Gotham City with the arrival of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy on December 1. This series has earned widespread critical acclaim, attributed to its captivating storytelling and innovative combat mechanics.

This collection features the renowned Batman:

  • Arkham Asylum, where players confront notorious DC Super-Villains like The Joker and Poison Ivy.
  • Traverse the expansive world of Batman: Arkham City, a fortress for criminals, and bring the trilogy to a close with the epic Batman. Arkham Knight, racing through Gotham’s streets to confront the ultimate threat.
  • This package, encompassing all three games and their DLC, ensures not only captivating gameplay but also an immersive narrative experience.
  • The inaugural game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, marked its debut in 2009, setting a groundbreaking standard for superhero video games.
  • Batman: Arkham City expanded the series’ horizons by introducing an open-world environment, granting players the freedom to explore Gotham City expansively.
  • The trilogy reached its pinnacle with Batman: Arkham Knight, the concluding chapter that introduced impressive graphics and featured the Batmobile for the first time in the series.
  • Having sold millions of copies globally, the Batman: Arkham Trilogy has firmly established itself as one of the premier superhero game franchises.



December 1 Embark on a captivating quest for revenge in DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince, set to release on December 1. Meet Psaro, a character cursed and rendered incapable of harming anything with monster blood. To overcome this, Psaro must become a Monster Wrangler, assembling a formidable army for battle. Explore the dynamic and ever-changing seasons of Nadiria, encountering rivers of bubbling lava, mysterious ancient ruins, and towering structures made of cake. Join forces with the kind-hearted elf, Rose, and dive into the intricate art of synthesis, combining monsters to create stronger offspring. With each creation, Psaro inches closer to his goal of becoming the Master of Monsterkind.


3-A Highland Song –

December 5 Prepare for an enchanting adventure through the Scottish Highlands with “A Highland Song,” set to launch on December 5. Follow Moira McKinnon as she embarks on a daring escape, navigating paths, peaks, and dangers in pursuit of the sea. This 2.5D side-scrolling adventure offers open platforming, dynamic storytelling, and a mesmerizing blend of hand-drawn animation, painted scenery, and dynamic lighting/weather effects.

Scale peaks, spelunk caves, and survive the challenges of wind, rain, cold, and hunger. Collect and position map fragments to discover faster routes, and immerse yourself in a narrative that weaves together history, mythology, and family secrets. The game’s soundtrack, composed by Laurence Chapman and featuring TALISK and Fourth Moon, adds an extra layer of magic to the experience.


4-Outer Wilds –

December 7 Embark on an awe-inspiring open-world mystery with Outer Wilds, scheduled for release on December 7. Winner of Best Game at the 2020 BAFTA Games Awards and Game of the Year in 2019 by Giant Bomb, Polygon, Eurogamer, and The Guardian, Outer Wilds promises an enthralling experience.

As the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, explore a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. Uncover the mysteries hidden in the Dark Bramble, decipher ancient alien writing, and contemplate the possibility of breaking the time loop. The planets of Outer Wilds are teeming with hidden locations that evolve with time, presenting a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Strap on your hiking boots, manage your oxygen levels, and embark on an intergalactic journey filled with unique gadgets, mysterious signals, and the quest for answers.

Gear up for a December filled with gaming excitement, where these Nintendo Switch releases are set to deliver immersive experiences and unforgettable adventures!


5-Embark on an Enhanced Mystery Journey with Another Code™: Recollection –

Arriving December 15 Prepare for an intriguing adventure as Another Code™: Recollection makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch on December 15th. This collection introduces two fully enhanced mystery adventures, promising an immersive and captivating experience like never before.

1-Another Code™:

Two Memories Step into the shoes of Ashley, a 13-year-old girl, on a quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding her father’s disappearance. Head to the remote Blood Edward Island and delve into lush environments filled with secrets. Ashley, who believed her father was no more, receives a mysterious letter triggering a series of enigmatic visions from the past. Navigate your surroundings, solve intricate puzzles, and uncover the truth in this refreshed version of the original Trace Memory™ game for the Nintendo DS™ system.

2-Another Code: 

Journey into Lost Memories The journey continues in “Another Code: R – Journey into Lost Memories,” offering a deeper dive into Ashley’s enthralling story. Join Ashley as she embarks on a quest to Lake Juliet, unraveling hidden truths surrounding her mother. The enhanced version of this sequel brings closure to lingering mysteries from the initial adventure, delivering a comprehensive and fulfilling narrative experience.

Enhancements and Features:

  • The Recollection collection doesn’t just stop at revitalizing the narratives; it elevates the gaming experience with:
  • Fully enhanced visuals for a more immersive gameplay
  • Expansive and fully explorable environments that breathe life into the mysteries
  • New voice acting that adds depth to the characters and storyline
  • Enriched puzzles and music for a more engaging and atmospheric experience
  • Optional hint and navigation systems to assist players new to the adventure game genre.

Don’t let the opportunity slip away to immerse yourself in the enhanced and expanded world of Another Code™: Recollection.

Gripping narratives and challenging puzzles await, so mark your calendars for December 15th and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the unknown.

What’s your thought on Nintendo Switch December 2023 Upcoming Games let us know in comment.

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