Blake Shelton Health

Country crooner Blake Shelton health at 47 vows to cut back on drinking and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Swapping steaks and fried delights for "rabbit food" proves challenging for the singer, causing some grumpiness.

Gwen Stefani, Blake's wife, becomes his beacon of support, effortlessly navigating a healthy diet.

In times of craving, Gwen suggests alternatives like salads with grilled chicken or salmon.

The Voice judge relies on Gwen's commitment to a healthy lifestyle to keep him on track.

Aging gracefully, Blake understands the toll alcohol takes on his body and aims for a positive change.

Cutting out beer is a strategic move to manage weight and enhance overall well-being.

The couple collaborates in the kitchen, whipping up nutritious meals to make the transition enjoyable.

Despite the challenges, Blake's resolution reflects a commitment to feeling better and staying fit at 47.