Minecraft movie Cast

Jack Black and Emma Myers join Warner Bros and Legendary's in Minecraft movie cast

Alongside Jack Black, includes talents like Danielle Brooks and Sebastian Eugene Hansen.

Director Jared Hess helms the movie, backed by a powerhouse production team featuring big names like Roy Lee and Mary Parent.

Jack Black has been a part of mega-hits like 'School of Rock,' 'Kung Fu Panda,' and 'Jumanji,'

Emma Myers, acclaimed for her role in Netflix's 'Wednesday,' brings her talent to the Minecraft movie.

whispers suggest a thrilling adventure featuring familiar faces, epic battles, and possibly musical numbers.

Whether you're a dedicated Minecraft player or a movie enthusiast, this upcoming film guarantees an unforgettable experience with its mix of A-list talent and gaming nostalgia.

Prepare for the Movie:Get ready to immerse yourself in the Minecraft universe as the movie heads your way soon.