Sundial Shutterbug: NASA's Curiosity Mars rover captured its own shadow moving across the Martian surface

Conjunction Commands:Before Mars solar conjunction, commands were sent to Curiosity to record these videos

Snapshot Science: Curiosity's Hazcams were used to capture 12 hours of snapshots, seeking clouds or dust.

Time-Lapse Delight:The rover's 25-frame videos depict the day's progression, from sunrise to sunset

Valley Views:One video looks southeast along Gediz Vallis, a valley on Mount Sharp

Robotic Arm Reveal:The videos display the rover's 7-foot robotic arm

Exposure Evolution: As daylight shifts, exposure times alter, from one-third of a second to over a minute, creating interesting visual effects

Artifacts & Cosmic Rays: Several image anomalies, like cosmic ray impacts and sensor distortions, add intrigue to the captured footage.

Dust & Lens Effects: After 11 years, Martian dust speckles the Hazcam lenses, creating a unique, speckled appearance in the footage.