Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Journey through three decades of laughter with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, from '90s Chicago comedy to SNL

Explore the landscapes of "Mean Girls" and "Baby Mama," witnessing their timeless on-screen chemistry.

Peel back the layers of their Golden Globe hosting, turning awards nights into uproarious comedy festivals.

Uncover the "Wife" Chronicles as Tina jokingly calls Amy her comedic soulmate, transcending dynamic duos.

Join the "Restless Leg Tour" for a live comedy extravaganza, extending the laughter-filled journey.

Netflix and Napa: Amy directs Tina and friends in "Wine Country," proving laughter is the best vintage.

Friendship Goals: While others binge "SNL," they live-text each other during the show, showcasing their next-level comedy connection.

Aging Like Fine Wine: Their humor matures, contributing legendary roles to TV comedy

Iconic Roles: Tina's brilliance in "30 Rock" and Amy's irreverent Leslie Knope in "Parks and Recreation

let's not say goodbye; let's hit pause and replay their funniest moments whenever life needs extra hilarity!