Sundance Revelation: Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame reveals a missed opportunity at Sundance.

Back to the Future?: Mothersbaugh shares a wild tale about nearly starring in the classic film.

Documentary Promotion: The story unfolded while promoting the documentary "Devo" at the festival..

Iconic Clip: A clip from "Back to the Future" triggers the reminiscence of the surreal encounter.

Zemeckis and Spielberg: The Devo show led to an unexpected meeting with the iconic directors.

Unexpected Offer: Zemeckis and Spielberg proposed Mothersbaugh play a "crazy mad scientist."

Missed Opportunity: Despite the potential fame and fortune, Mothersbaugh declined the acting offer."

Reflecting on Choices: Mothersbaugh ponders the alternate path he could have taken.

Devo Nod: The reference in "Back to the Future" serves as a reminder of the intriguing what-if moment

Watch the Interview: Dive deeper into Mothersbaugh's revelation in the "Devo" documentary interview.