NORAD's Military Magic: NORAD Tracks Santa with high-tech radar and a retro charm that traces Santa's global trek.

Google Santa Tracker offers immersive 3D animations, a tour of Santa's workshop, and unique global Christmas traditions.

Classic vs. Modern: NORAD's tradition meets Google's innovation for Santa tracking

NORAD's Historic Legacy: NORAD connects generations with its Santa-tracking tradition.

Google's Immersive Experience: Google's interactive features like personalized avatars and augmented reality bring Santa's journey to life.

Choosing Your Santa Fix: Select NORAD for nostalgic vibes or Google for modern 3D graphics

Combine the Fun: Enjoy a wholesome Santa-tracking experience by exploring both NORAD and Google for diverse updates and games

True Christmas Magic: The joy of anticipation, giving, and belief in Santa's spirit shines, no matter the tracker chosen.

Double the Excitement: Embrace the magic of Christmas by diving into the excitement of both trackers for a festive-filled experience!