Czech billionaire Pavel Tykac strikes a deal to buy top-flight soccer club Slavia Prague from CITIC

Tykac, owner of Sev.en energy and investment group, extends his global presence through Slavia Prague's acquisition.

The purchase involves acquiring not just the club but also the iconic Eden stadium

The settlement for the club's acquisition is anticipated in the first quarter of 2024

Tykac expresses his honor and deep connection to Slavia, sharing his family's long-standing support for the club.

CITIC held ownership of Slavia Prague for the last five yearsstanding support for the club.

 Slavia Prague's chairman anticipates benefits from Tykac's experience and passion as a lifelong fan and businessman.

Forbes values Tykac at $8 billion, recognizing his status as an energy investor with global interests

Tykac's Sev.en Global Investments recent stake purchase in a coal-fired plant in Vietnam aligns with his strategic global investment shift.