Graffiti Sparks Controversy: Pro-Palestinian graffiti on a New York Starbucks sparks intense debate, fueling accusations of bias.

Boycotts and Unionization: Middle East conflicts fuel boycotts; union disputes within Starbucks present significant hurdles.

The Boycott Movement: Students like Gabrielle Blake boycott Starbucks over a lawsuit against Workers United.

Humanitarian Advocacy: Advocates urge Starbucks to take a stronger humanitarian stance beyond PR damage control.

CEO's Unity Call: Starbucks CEO emphasizes unity, condemning violence and misinformation in an open letter. 

Sales Impact: Reports hint at a potential sales decline, with empty stores and global protests marring Starbucks' image.

Internal Tensions: Despite financial success, simmering tensions with unionized workers cause walkouts.

Moving Forward: Starbucks seeks to rebuild trust, emphasizing dialogue, action, and engagement with the union.

Controversies Overview: Tax, ethics, labor disputes pose challenges; ethical practices and fair treatment pivotal.

Future Hopes: As a supporter, looking for transparency, solutions, and a fair workplace for Starbucks employees