"Game-Changer: Steelers' Elandon Roberts Benched Mid-Game"

Steelers' inside linebacker Elandon Roberts suffers a game-changing groin injury in the first quarter of Week 13

Sideline Treatment: Roberts receives initial treatment in the medical tent but returns to the game briefly.

Despite the initial return, Roberts requires additional attention from trainers, leading to his exit to the Pittsburgh locker room.

Defensive Adjustments: Mark Robinson and Mykal Walker Take the Helm"

With Roberts out, Mark Robinson and Mykal Walker step in to manage the Steelers' defense.

Mykal Walker, with previous defensive calling experience in Atlanta, brings valuable expertise to the team.

"Injury Concerns and Defensive Depth"

Roberts' injury adds to concerns, especially with Kwon Alexander and Cole Holcomb already out for the season.

The team, now with just two healthy inside linebackers, faces challenges as they hope for Roberts' potential return to the game.