Meet James Wright  Suit Man

A die-hard Cowboys fan with a flair for fashion, known as "Suit Man" in the Cowboys community.

James won the Cowboys Fashion Show with a unique twist, donning a suit that became an instant hit.

Inspired by his brother's suit-wearing experiences, James conceived the idea of "Suit Man" and found the perfect tailor.

James decided to make his unique suit his official game-day uniform for all Cowboys matches.

Retired military veteran, James served 29 years in the Army as a Cannon Crewman

James's wife, Rosita, and their large family, including 7 kids, 4 grandkids, and one on the way, actively support his fan passion.

James's son Travis enlisted in the Army, continuing the family's tradition of service

James loves meeting fellow fans, taking pictures, and sharing his passion for the Cowboys.

Suit Man" during Thursday Night Football, as he continues to make waves in the Cowboys fan community