Tesla's Recall Move: While praised for its initiative, critics question its effectiveness, spotlighting concerns about Autopilot's safety.

Defective Autopilot System: Recalling 2 million+ vehicles aims to fix driver-alertness issues linked to the semi-automated driving feature.

Safety Investigations: NHTSA uncovered lapses in Autopilot's alertness and system abuse through a two-phase investigation.

Recall Scope: Almost all U.S.-sold Tesla models between 2012 and 2023 are part of the recall; a software update aims to rectify the problem.

Tesla's Response: Initially at odds with NHTSA, Tesla agreed to the recall to address ongoing discussions and safety concerns.

Autopilot's Nature: Tesla emphasizes Autopilot as driver-assist, requiring constant driver supervision and intervention.

Ongoing NHTSA Examination: Investigations continue, highlighting the need for stricter monitoring and limitations on semi-automated driving systems.

Safety Stand: Tesla reiterates on its website that Autopilot doesn't offer full autonomy; drivers should remain vigilant at all times.