Your LEGO account is more than just an entry pass; it's a treasure chest unlocking exclusive rewards, points, discounts, and merchandise.

Young builders dive into a world of challenges, online videos, and limitless adventures with a LEGO account.

The LEGO Life app ensures safe and creative exploration for young enthusiasts under verified parental consent.

Discover a secure digital space, merging the worlds of LEGO and Epic Games seamlessly.

Easily link your LEGO and Epic Games accounts via Account Management > Apps and Accounts.

Gracefully disconnect your accounts anytime by accessing 'Apps and Accounts' and hitting 'Remove.'

Access the LEGO realm using your Epic Games credentials for a seamless experience.

Get ready to explore, build, and conquer the digital LEGO universe with newfound knowledge.

The partnership emphasizes child safety measures, creating a fun and secure virtual play world.

This collaboration isn't just about bricks and games; it's about fostering endless creativity and imaginative play