Eastern Quakes Reality: East Coast earthquakes, although infrequent, can pose danger,

 Unforeseen Rumbles: In the past 50 years, eastern North America has witnessed over 400 quakes of magnitude 3.5 or higher

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones highlights the universal unpredictability of earthquakes, emphasizing their inherent fear due to the unknown

Record-Breaking Quakes: Notable East Coast tremors include the 1886 Charleston quake (7.3 magnitude) and recent tremors in New York and Maryland

Recent Quakes: A 1.7-magnitude quake near Queens raised alarms, and a 2.3-magnitude tremor shook Rockville, Maryland

Historical Context: The region has experienced quakes dating back to 1755, underlining the seismic history of the East Coast.

Witness reports of loud noises and building tremors in areas impacted by recent quakes.

No significant damage or injuries were reported after these recent East Coast tremors.

Rare, Yet Real: While infrequent, these quakes underscore the potential risks of seismic activity along the East Coast.