New Zealand's $12.2 Million Lotto Powerball Win: A lucky ticket holder bags a life-changing $12.2 million in Lotto Powerball

Fortunate Number Combo: The winning numbers – 10, 15, 17, 25, 33, 38, with Bonus 30 and Powerball 07

Untouched Strike Jackpot: The Strike prize remains unclaimed

Global Buzz: The thrilling jackpot announcement captures worldwide attention

The Magic of Powerball: Learn about the New Zealand Powerball's thrilling mechanics

Lottery Excitement: starting from NZ$4 million and soaring sky-high.

Draw Schedules: Catch the Wednesday and Saturday draws at 8:20 PM NZST, with ticket sales closing an hour before.

Participation Made Easy: Obtain tickets from authorized retailers or participate conveniently online through official platforms.

Responsible Play Advisory: While the game offers excitement, international ticket purchasing may not be legal for US citizens

The Thrill of Possibility:Beyond the wins, the Powerball saga reflects the shared human pursuit of dreams