NHTSA report details a fatal collision involving a Tesla Model Y operating on Autopilot, marking the third similar incident since 2016.

Investigative Findings: Investigators verified Autopilot use before the crash; vehicle was speeding at 70 mph, 25 mph over the limit.

Actions Taken: Uncertainty surrounds the driver's last-minute actions, with brakes applied moments before impact, unable to prevent the collision.

Autopilot's Limitations: Despite warnings, neither the driver nor Autopilot averted the collision, raising concerns about the system's efficacy.

NHTSA Scrutiny Continues: The crash is part of NHTSA's investigation, which underscores the need for stricter monitoring and limitations on Autopilot.

Charges against the truck driver were dropped, citing the Tesla's speed violation as per Virginia law.

Tesla's Position: Tesla emphasizes that Autopilot is a driver-assist system, needing constant driver readiness and intervention.

NHTSA continues investigations involving Tesla crashes, emphasizing the need for enhanced safety measures and limitations in autonomous driving systems.